A Mote of a Life

A Home Cooked Meal

“Tiffany! DIN-NER!” From somewhere far across the neighborhood, almost mistaken and ignored for another kid’s shout, I faintly heard my name being called. The smell of red meat searing on a charcoal grill drifted across the warm summer air and... Continue Reading →

A Strange Kind of Love

  When someone close to me dies, my first—and most lingering—reaction is always the same: “Who’s next?” Grandma’s been in and out of the hospital lately, so she's a strong candidate. Kelsey, my cousin, and the only other granddaughter in... Continue Reading →

A Drop in the Ocean: Sexual Assault on a National (and Personal) Scale

None of your favorite actors are safe to like. Literally — literally — every day, yet another prominent male figure makes the front page, slapped with claims of verbal harassment, or public masturbation, or physical assault, or rape, or molestation, or…or…or… In the Media...... Continue Reading →

Don’t Think Too Hard At Night

When you lay awake in bed, with the darkness pressing in on your eyes and the silence pressing against your eardrums—as you wait for sleep to find you and help you forget oh, so many things—your mind starts to wander.... Continue Reading →

The Life of a Pet Parent is Rarely an Easy One…

"Moooooom.....there's stuff* on the floor!...I can't lay anywhere!**....fix*** it!"     *Baking soda to take the "dog smell" out of the carpets. **Except for the couches, ottomans, dog beds, and rugs specifically bought for your leisuring pleasure. ***Vacuum.      

“The Same Boiling Water That Softens the Potato Hardens the Egg.”

Be an egg...

Jesus Freak to Fuck Junkie: Why I Love to be Sinful

I finally rebelled against my mother yesterday—I was at the gym. As I peddled away on the elliptical (sloughing off bite after bite of doughnut/grease-pooled pizza/late night Taco Bell runs, wondering what mistakes I had made in life to actually... Continue Reading →

My Cat: The Life of a God & His Bitch

  I have reached the stage of single white female where I have conversations with my cat. He responds, and we discuss our day. It is chock-full of judgment and hatred on both sides...Today, he says he slept a lot.... Continue Reading →

I Never Graduated from Anything

I come from a long line of formal education dropouts. My father never pursued anything further than an eighth-grade education, and my mother ditched her near ivy-league university to join a low-grade cult based out of New Knoxville, Ohio. My... Continue Reading →

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