A Mote of a Life

A Real Illness

There aren’t a whole lot of ways I know how to handle my depression, other than how I already am. Medication, therapy, diet and exercise—and about one day a month where I just get overwhelmed with the thought of even thinking about life and hide in my room for 36 hours, emerging only to pee, or feed the pets.

Perfection is Never Too Far Off

My problem isn’t that I overeat. It isn’t that I mindlessly binge or don’t work out enough (although I could be a little more active). My problem is that I see eating as some kind of moral failing.   “Food... Continue Reading →

The Glorious Hunter

The Killer Beast tears the prey from the safety of its den…     It puts up a fight, but—in the end—it is no match for its opponent.     A final death shake snaps the neck of his prey…... Continue Reading →

Love of My Life, Pt. 3

Welcome Home It must be hard being in love with someone and knowing that they’re only kinda in love with you. That half of them will never forget about that Someone Else. I never told Adam I was in love... Continue Reading →

Love of My Life, Pt. 2

Graduation “I’m joining the Marines.” “Hah, okay.” I snorted into the phone, picking at my denim comforter. I’d had to transfer schools so I could come home in time to watch Aaron, so these secret phone calls while my mom... Continue Reading →

A Quiet Affair

Will you love me even when I'm beautiful? When mother picks out that dark blue dress for me, when my cheeks are rouged and my lips painted and my lashes thicker than I ever could manage, when they comb back... Continue Reading →

Love of My Life, Pt. 1

High School There are people you think are the love of your life, people you know are the love of your life, and people you hope to God aren’t the love of your life, but who you can never seem... Continue Reading →

The Kill

Sunday mornings. Cars drive past the house, spraying puddles of rain behind them as it continues to fall. A good book. Shirley Jackson discusses her house full of chaos. I laugh, imagining cats bringing bats into the house and children... Continue Reading →

Proof That Kittens Are Good for Your Mental Health

I had another dream last night. A bad one. On a scale of 1 - 5, where one is your regular, run-of-the-mill nightmare, and five is--well, you know what five is. You've been there. Anyways. Mom had decided to take... Continue Reading →

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