A Mote of a Life

A Quiet Affair

Will you love me even when I'm beautiful? When mother picks out that dark blue dress for me, when my cheeks are rouged and my lips painted and my lashes thicker than I ever could manage, when they comb back... Continue Reading →

Love of My Life, Pt. 1

High School There are people you think are the love of your life, people you know are the love of your life, and people you hope to God aren’t the love of your life, but who you can never seem... Continue Reading →

The Mountain and the Maze

  I had just been trying to get to a restaurant to pick up my leftovers. I had forgotten them at my table, and the meal was pricey enough to warrant driving back through the mall parking lot and finding... Continue Reading →

The Kill

Sunday mornings. Cars drive past the house, spraying puddles of rain behind them as it continues to fall. A good book. Shirley Jackson discusses her house full of chaos. I laugh, imagining cats bringing bats into the house and children... Continue Reading →

Proof That Kittens Are Good for Your Mental Health

I had another dream last night. A bad one. On a scale of 1 - 5, where one is your regular, run-of-the-mill nightmare, and five is--well, you know what five is. You've been there. Anyways. Mom had decided to take... Continue Reading →

A Home Cooked Meal

“Tiffany! DIN-NER!” From somewhere far across the neighborhood, almost mistaken and ignored for another kid’s shout, I faintly heard my name being called. The smell of red meat searing on a charcoal grill drifted across the warm summer air and... Continue Reading →

New Ghosts & Old Babies — Or, Moving Through, But Not On

Ren purrs, scrabbling for my earlobe as we lay in bed. He latches on and begins to suckle fiercely, as though it’s the first meal he’s had in weeks. “You’re such a messy eater,” I mutter as drool covers his... Continue Reading →

A Strange Kind of Love

  When someone close to me dies, my first—and most lingering—reaction is always the same: “Who’s next?” Grandma’s been in and out of the hospital lately, so she's a strong candidate. Kelsey, my cousin, and the only other granddaughter in... Continue Reading →

A Drop in the Ocean: Sexual Assault on a National (and Personal) Scale

  None of your favorite actors are safe to like. Literally — literally — every day, yet another prominent male figure makes the front page, slapped with claims of verbal harassment, or public masturbation, or physical assault, or rape, or molestation, or…or…or…   In... Continue Reading →

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