The Killer Beast tears the prey from the safety of its den…


pic 1


It puts up a fight, but—in the end—it is no match for its opponent.


pic 2


A final death shake snaps the neck of his prey…


pic 3


Now the hunter must take his prey back to his pride…


pic 4.jpg


He trips over it several times on his way back…dead prey can be tricky


pic 5.jpg


In a surprising twist, the prey still has a bit of life left! The killer must eradicate this foe before beginning to feed.



pic 6


In a final, vicious stroke, he guts the prey by tearing out its stomach…the prey is finally defeated.


pic 7


Having finally been conquered by our fierce hunter, he brings his prize home for the other members of his pride to enjoy.



pic 8


They are grateful.

They shall feast well tonight.


pic 9


A leader’s work is never done, so he is soon off again, on another hunt—this time, to procure one of the many fatty robins that make daily treks across his territory in search of food…

One of the larger, but weaker members of the pride will tattle on him as he celebrates his kill and reenacts the hunt in the living room den.




She can’t help it—she does not understand the sacrifices made to be a leader.