Jack Black is the heroin and cocaine addict we all know him to be (who also reminds me of my ex-boyfriend, who never did drugs, but DID definitely excel at being both awkward and offensive).

This shot isn’t even from the movie. It’s just him.

Robert Downey Jr. goes from fast-talking tweaker in A Scanner Darkly to Iron Man to a black man trekking through the Vietnam jungle. Equal intensity with every character.

Whaddya YOU MEAN, “you people?”

Ben Stiller is….Ben Stiller.

Ben Stiller Tropic Thunder (1)


Little nerdy guy is still little nerdy guy, arm-wrestling Michael Cera for top Loser territory.


Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise…in 15 years.

Oh Tom…remember that time on Oprah’s couch?

Matthew McConaughey was better in True Detective.

That’s what I love about movie stars: I get older, they stay the same age.

My roommate has never seen Tropic Thunder, and this makes me tragically sad. She is currently dancing (along with Tom Cruise) to Apple Bottom Jeans. It could be the wine, it could be the marijuana brownies (it’s probably at least partially that), but either way, it is priceless.


She is now asleep.