• Sexy transgender – m4t – You didn’t tell me that you were trans, but I figured it out. I think. Maybe you’re really just a very masculine woman? Either way, I want a Lola. Hmu.
  • Cynthiana red box McDonald’s – m4w – I wanna be in your red box.
  • Dick Stiffley… – w4m – I don’t believe that that’s your real name. I looked it up on Google, it said there are no people in the U.S. with that name. Also your number begins with 555…I just need some loves…
  • Maker’s Mark Green Shirt – m4m – If there’s one thing I like, it’s a man who literally wears his alcoholism on his sleeve. Don’t let me slip away. I wanna be the regret at the bottom of your bottle.
  • Sandirella – m4w – I let you slip through my fingers as the tide of our love rolled in. Perhaps I should have spritzed you with more water, but you told me you hated that. That that’s not what you meant when you wanted to get wet. I’m not very good with girls. Please give me another chance.
  • Cute Lady at Lexington Humane Society – m4w – Long, lustrous locks, you kept setting off my allergies. I don’t even care. Have you been checked for ticks? I’d like to groom you with my tongue.
  • You are a cross dresser – m4t – I am okay with that.
  • We met on CL approximately 4 years ago – w4m – I’m hoping this doesn’t come across as desperate. Does it? My cats tell me it does, but what do they know, they’re just Siamese. I’m not racist, please don’t think I’m racist. I have a black cat. I call him Mr. Schmeckles. His tooth is getting infected but I can’t afford to take him to the vet because cat food costs me half my income every month. Are you still on Craigslist? I think about you every night as I breast feed my cats. Don’t worry, it’s not weird: it’s an artificial breast. It makes them feel more at home when they can knead.


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