We are so fucked. That is about as eloquently put as I can manage. Trump has been elected–Trump. Reality starring, pussy-grabbing Trump.


As a woman, I am terrified. My first thoughts were “fuck–I better go get pregnant and have an abortion while I still can!” and then I thought what a weird thing that is to think. My cousin just found out she’s pregnant. She ruefully admitted that she has never felt more fortunate to be a straight, white, U.S. citizen.

“You’re a woman,” I responded. “Strike one.”

“We just aren’t going to talk about that,” she replied.

“You’re pregnant, strike two.”

It seems so melodramatic, but I wore black yesterday in mourning. For our country, for our rights, for democracy. I wasn’t the only one. I also wore my ring that says “fuck,” because, well…fuck.



My father would be elated. I am signing up for self-defense classes as we speak. As a sexual assault survivor (a self-pitying term I loathe), I cannot let myself be vulnerable in these free-for-all times. I will not. 

My phone has “I.O.I.Y.M.T.B.S.” on the home screen. “I Owe It To Myself To Be Strong.” It got me back to the gym yesterday. Some cardio, but mostly weights. Now we wait.