Misunderstandings were the crux of a nearly infinite supply of 90’s sitcoms and flash-in-the-pan RomComs. You could sit in front of your television and actively judge for hours–watching the growing rats’ nest of trouble with  painful anticipation and exponentially increasing frustration.

“He just said ‘Let me explain!'” You could yell. “Let him explain, for God’s sake! He would never sleep with Karen!” You, after all, would never let such a disastrous situation occur. If someone offered up an apology and an explanation to an extremely questionable event, you would stay and listen. You’d hear the poor sod out, not dramatically flee the building like Scarlett O’Hara with the fire alarm sounding off.


And yet…


These situations do seem to still happen…and with worrying frequency. Life imitates art–or is it the other way around? Either way, misunderstandings (fueled by poor communication and–often–a deeply-rooted mistrust and hesitance to swallow one’s own pride) can lead to the end of relationships, peer exclusion, and an “Us vs Them” mentality.


When these collisions occur in a close-quarters environment–such as in a household or workplace–just accomplishing the day-to-day tasks can quickly become a shitty chore of Herculean proportions.

“It’s my laundry day.”

You’re not processing that request correctly.”

“For fuck’s sake, Frank, you’re as bad at doing the dishes as you are at making me cum!”


Hurtful words, folks…hurtful words…

“But, but, Suzie said that Katia said that Donna went behind my back and bitched about the brand of candy I brought to the staff appreciation day picnic.”

No one gives a fuck.


Suck it up, princess, and clear the air.

Maybe it was my bad. Maybe it was your over-analysis. Maybe we were on a break, dammit! Nobody cares. Make it happen.

Make an attempt at amends, or (if that is just too much for you to process right now) at least ask for clarification. And, if they get pissed off at your verbal olive branch?


Fuck ’em.