6:00 navy blue polo at 2004 (m4m)

You looked like a fucking douche. Also, you looked like you were fucking a literal douche.

you made a comment while I was wipeing off my car this morning (m4m)

It was something like “That’s disgusting,” or “Not in front of my daughter.”

Don’t judge our love. Just be glad I’m practicing the pull-out method.


I gave you and hand & promised you a wrist (m4w)

It’s in the mail.

I was moving a dead bird off the sidewalk… (w4m)

And into my mouth. A girl’s gotta eat, and it was fresh enough that flies hadn’t started to settle in, yet. We locked eyes over it’s stiff legs and broken wing–I felt like I had something in my teeth–could have been feathers, could have been love???


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