A Mote of a Life

Refill Appointment

Today I had to see a doctor to refill my antidepressant medication. My regular psychiatrist—who originally wrote the prescription—was on leave, and since the medicine that I use as-needed to treat my occasional insomnia and panic attacks is a controlled... Continue Reading →

Love of My Life, Pt. 13

Twenty-four hours after I left the arms of one man, I was back in the arms of another. The two-and-a-half-hour drive back to Washington had passed in a dreamy blur, consisting of equal parts giddy arousal and tear-filled shame as... Continue Reading →

Tiger’s World

Self-Quarantine, Day 19: I am already coming to the end of all the "good" content in my various streaming services, and so am now turning to podcasts for entertainment and distraction from my otherwise more pressing responsibilities. In her new... Continue Reading →

College Girl Parking Disaster

This is all Toyota's fault. Every morning, staff, students, and faculty must all participate in the cutthroat, no-holds-barred, Battle-Royale-style smack down that is parking on campus. Getting there after 8:30 means you probably won't find a space, and getting there... Continue Reading →

Love of My Life, Pt. 12

The Return Home Anthony and I were on non-speaking terms for about a month after our fight. He was so upset, he didn’t even tell me when he came up to visit—I heard through (an old mutual friend from high... Continue Reading →

Love of My Life, Pt. 11

Disneyland and the Ride Home        Disneyland was everything we expected it to be, only hotter and more expensive. To get a cup of water, you had to wait in line for 20 minutes, broiling in the heat... Continue Reading →

The Mountain and the Maze

  I had just been trying to get to a restaurant to pick up my leftovers. I had forgotten them at my table, and the meal was pricey enough to warrant driving back through the mall parking lot and finding... Continue Reading →

Love of My Life, Pt. 10

Huntington Beach        We rolled through the quiet, well-lit streets of Huntington Beach, tiny grains of sand settled in every crack and corner of the neighborhood. The warm air was saturated with the smell of salt and dead... Continue Reading →


   Heroism is defined in many different ways, but most people tend to agree that it embodies several key traits: that the act is voluntary, that it is done in the service of people or communities in need, that it... Continue Reading →

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